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Blogging 101: Getting Started

Blogging. It’s now a requirement more than option. It not only helps your brand by offering quality content for your customers and viewers, it boosts your SEO (search engine optimization) and chances of gaining NEW viewers online!

So, where do you start?

Blogging 101 – Getting Started


 1. You have to purchase and own your own blog. 

If you’re serious about it – you need to buy your blog. WordPress and Blogger are free to start, and they make it’s super easy to move to your own website/blog. Once logged in, click on ‘store’ and you’ll see your options. You can buy and host your own blog from them for as little as $17 a year and $6 a month.

– Templates. If you’re serious about blogging, it’s worth the investment of a one-time purchase. I, which is about $80 to have access to all of their WordPress friendly designs. Another great site to use is PLUS I get a discount on host gator as well. (Remember, you have to HOST your new blog as well!)

 2. Setting Up and Understanding SEO

I think the word SEO (search engine optimization) is scary and confusing to a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be!  Once you own your WordPress site, you can set up SEO by Yoast! (plugin), which will help get your blog in-front of eyes for free! There is nothing like sending traffic from Google and Bing just by optimizing one key word in each of your blog posts.

– Take advantage of Google. Google is a powerful force, and if you’re blogging, you want it to help you get noticed. Consider setting up your Google+ account and linking up Google Authorship to connect your name with your blog and show up in the search results! Click here to read a really-great how-to on setting up Google Authorship by Host Gator.


3. Start a social media plan.

Social media is overwhelming, even for us who live it everyday! So I figured I would throw together a quick set-up plan for you to get going on your blog!

1. pick one or two social media sites and hit them hard. It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, so pick the ones you’re most familiar with and stick to them.

– Make them personable. people want to follow you because they can relate to you – so give them little peeks into your life. Real photos engage MUCH better than fake ones. Plus, you can’t get in trouble with copyrights for using your own shots!

– Recommendations? Facebook is always a given. Twitter is great for networking and sharing the word if you can commit the time (using scheduling platforms like HootSuite can help!). Google+ is a must for SEO, and Pinterest is GREAT for driving traffic (BUT – you have to pin a really catchy image!)


– Overall best time to post? research shows it’s between 1-5 pm. Photos get the best engagement, so add one to with your link. And don’t forget #hastags! A post should look like this:




– make a page and invite your friends. (how to).

– schedule to post is advance. (how to)

– post at least 3 x a week.

– photos get the most engagement.

-search for and join local facebook groups or mom/blogger groups. (mom it forward)

-the more ‘likes’ and engagement from them = more exposure.


– is great if you can stick with it. you can connect with ANYONE – especially other bloggers and moms.

– tweet to other bloggers personally.

– build lists

– join community twitter parties (@SITSGIRLS are great!)

– tweet 10x a day at least. Retweet other tweets that you like, it will engage that person to tweet you as well.

– set up hootsuite for free to scheudle out tweets of other blog posts. weekly. no one sees all your orignal tweets.



-for the techies of the world, but think less ppl = more exposure!

-google ranks your posts in their real time search results with #hashtags!

-the more circles you are in, the  more your info shows up in their google searches.

– join local and mom/blogger communities (help a mom out!)

– plan a hangout for moms!

-get really creative and set up google authorship. on advanced techniwues, contact me.



– recommend just using your personal account unless you’re already killing it with a brand.

– ‘pin’ your articles.

– create boards of kids stuff that can link back to your blog.


4. Set up an Editorial Calendar. It’s best to write only when you’re feeling creative, forcing posts just because won’t be worthwhile to read. but knowing that you will post once a week, gives you plenty of opportunities to find something to write about in your daily life.

– Then schedule to post on Facebook 3 x a week, and schedule out your tweets. (recommend tweeting about a new post 2x a day for at least two weeks, using new titles of course) Takes 2 hours to do a full weeks work of posting and marketing!


5. Affiliate programs.

When you write blogs about certain items (see top 10 baby registry items), link those photos and images to yourAmazon Associate Account. Then, if anyone clicks through to buy them, you get a percentage of the sale! Set up your affiliates account here.

– Amazon/Kindle  also lets you link up your blog posts for Kindle! So anytime a user downloads it to read, you get a percentage of that as well!

– Sponosored tweets. They will contact you to tweet for advertisers, and depending on how many followers you have, you get paid more!


 Google adsense. Setting up ads on your site is a controversial topic, but it can generate some dollars for you – you can also choose what can and cannot advertise on your site.


6. Promotion!

Blogging isn’t just about writing quality content, you have to post it all over the Internet and SIEZE YOUR DESTINY! Bookmarking sites are GREAT for this. Everytime you write a new post, be sure to include it on these sites:

 Stumble Upon



– Delicious

Is your anxiety starting to flare up yet? haha – it’s okay – really once you get into a groove, it’s smooth sailing! Set-ups are always the hard work. If you need some help, or someone to hold your hand through it all, feel free to contact me @ stephanie[at]



Tip of the Week: Secure your Smart Phone

lost-phoneI read it almost once a week in the newspaper here – protect your smart phone. When you sit on the bus or stand on a train platform nonchalantly holding your smart phone inches from your eyes, you are an easy target. Thefts of mobile devices are soaring in major cities across the country with many of the robberies occurring in mass transit systems.

Smart Phones are a high target for accessing personal data, mobile hacking, scams and thefts.  Here in NYC,  it is estimated that 60-70% of all theft is either smart phones or tablets.

To protect your data – ALWAYS use a password!! Avoid using unsecured wireless connections, and enable the ‘remote swipe’ that allows you to remove content from your phone if it does end up lost or stolen.

Instagram owns your photos

Did you know that Instagram’s new intellectual property policies state they OWN your photos – and can sell them at anytime, to anyone without your knowledge, consent OR compensation! The only way to avoid it is to delete your account by January 16th – know your facts!

Business Tip of the Week: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

Click to ENLARGE

Having a Journalism Masters – I have always been that friend critiquing everyone of their little grammar mistakes. But take it from me – a little English goes a long way.

Have you ever received an email where they misspelled your name or company? Or had a solicitor call only to butcher your last name, when it’s as easy as SMITH?

It’s one of my little pet peeves – people who don’t take the time to at least double check that they are spelling my name correctly when selling me something means I won’t take the time to buy it.

I once had an account executive at a large communications company I once worked for send me AND a client an email where she misspelled the word Hyundai. And he was a Hyundai dealer – and she was a specialized automotive account rep. Don’t embarrass yourself – take 5 minutes to re-read your email – and learn a little tip from your grammar fairy and memorize the 10 misspelled words above.

Trust me – you’ll thank me one day!

Google Analytics now has a Mobile App!

Did anyone else get as excited about this as I did when this came out??

This is definitely WHAT’S HOT this week in social media!!!

Tip – if you’re not using Google Analytics on your website – you SHOULD be! Go and download it now! ASAP! IT’S FREE FOLKS!

And it’s really easy to copy/paste the code into your website to track it.

The benefits?

You can see who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, how long they stay, what pages that view – and more.

Want to track your social media? You can even see that – see how much traffic your blog or Facebook is generating for you. You might be surprised to see more traffic coming from your Twitter account when you think it’s all from Facebook!

Research is where it is.

These are YOUR numbers – and numbers don’t lie. This is the backbone of any marketing campaign – the meat and potatoes. To see WHERE and WHAT is working for YOU!

What key words are users looking up in your industry? Are you using them on your site? Now you’ll know.

It should be the first step to any small business website. And now, you can view them on your mobile app! So you can see in real time just how well your website is performing while you are waiting for your dentist appointment!

Check out this article from Google themselves if you don’t believe me –

Also it was the Social Media Examiner News of the Week – see their article here:


What in the World are Facebook Apps? Top Sites to Use.

What are Facebook Apps?

Those little pictures that now appear on your business page – yeah you can customize them! YAY!

I myself was having issues customizing Facebook Apps for my clients – at first all I could find was how to “develop” them within Facebook like a coding developer. Way too much work. And like the rest of us – who has the time (and patience!) to deal with that?? I just wanted my blog to have a link, and a nice little location for viewers to subscribe to newsletters!

So, thanks to one of my little tech women groups, Social Media Sisters, I asked them what they liked to use best to create them?? SOS!!!!

As always, Social Media Examiner became a hot tool for researching, and I looked into Amy Porterfield – who is a FACEBOOK GURU – and saw she had a great video that walks you through, as well as a few recommendations.

I started by using Lujure – which I recommend, however it is $30/month for unlimited apps, but I find it a small price to pay!

Other recommendations:



Give all three a shot to see which one you may like best, different sites offer different functionalities. If you have a great recommendation – let us know too!

S.H.E. Summit Week Coming up June 18th-24th

Are you a savvy female in the technology industry like myself? Always looking for new events/conferences to attend and stay on top of your game? This one caught my eye that I came across in one of my tech groups.

See the summary/links below –


A new kind of event for women, S.H.E. Summit Week features 35+ grassroots, pop-up events designed to inspire you in work, life & everything in between! What’s your passion or curiosity? From entrepreneurship, networking, professional development to beauty, wellness, causes, art & film – the week gives you access to fabulous events and activities organized by women-led brands featured on and beyond! 35+ Events for only $79 – BUY NOW! Don’t wait…Space for each event is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.


What not to leave out of your will – social media accounts

I was intrigued to come across this post on why you should “leave” you social media accounts to someone when you kick the bucket.  Apparently with all the information they hold, they can be quite valuable – some appraising upwards of $50,000!

That’s something to (not) croak about!

Facebook Pages Manger App now Available!

Social Media Tip for the Day: Facebook now offers a PAGES management app! Horray! If you manage more than one page for your company, I highly suggest you download the app ASAP!

Read article here


Facebook IPO: How to Navigate It

Facebook IPO: How to Navigate It.

via Facebook IPO: How to Navigate It.

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